Yosami Radio Transmitting Station

The Yosami Radio Transmitting Station in Kariya (then called Yosami Village, Hekikai-gun), Aichi, Japan was accredited the IEEE Milestone, in 2009, as the Japan’s first wireless telecommunication station with Europe built in 1929.

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Mechanical Engineering Heritage in the industrial history

What is Mechanical Engineering Heritage?

Mechanical Engineering Heritage is culturally valued heritage in the mechanical and engineering history, and is designated as a machine heritage by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. The High Frequency Generator of the Yosami Radio Transmitting Station was designated as the 10th Mechanical Engineering Heritage, by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

Objects Designated

  • (1)Site:With historical scene
  • (2)Landmark:Symbolic buildings and structures
  • (3)Collection:Machines collected
  • (4)Documents:Historical documents on machinery


Mechanical Engineering Heritage must meet with the following criteria

  • (1)Significant achievements in mechanical engineering history
  • (2)Objects contributed national life, culture, economy, society, and technical education

Standards to be met

Among mechanical technology or engineering achievements that have met one of the following:

  • (1)Distinct originality, such as the first, oldest, or the last
  • (2)Preserving the characteristics in mechanical engineering history
  • (3)May have been recognized as monuments by museums

Mechanical Engineering Heritage in Aichi, Japan
  • (1)The High Frequency Generator of the Yosami Radio Transmitting Station, No. 10
  • (2)Prof. Inokuchi's CENTRIFUGAL PUMP stored in Meiji Village, Inuyama, No. 9
  • (3)Chain-Stitch sewing machine for the production of straw hats, stored in Brother Communication Place, Nagoya, No. 15
  • (4)Non-Stop Shuttle Change Toyoda Automatic Loom, stored in Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Nagoya, No. 16
LF/VLF Transmitting Facilities in Japan

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What is Industrial Heritage?

Industrial Heritage is an industrial monument or relic covering large structures such as dams and technical drawings. It includes daily life industry, manufacturing, transportation, civic engineering, architecture, communication.

Industrial Heritage in Aichi, Japan
  • (1)Wooden Water Wheel of the Garabo Spinning Machine, Aichi
  • (2)Old Headworks of the Meiji canal, Heritage of Industrial Modernization, Toyota City, Aichi
  • (3)Rokku Water Purifying Plant, Heritage of Industrial Modernization, Okaazaki City, Aichi
  • (4)Doudo Timber Basin, Heritage of Industrial Modernization, Toyota City, Aichi


Books Recommended

Books on Industrial Heritage.

“Rediscovery of Making Things” (in Japanese)

By: Chubu Society for the Industrial Heritage.
Published: Agne Gijutsu Center, Tokyo
Price: 3,500 yen

Explore industrial heritage and advancement in the Chubu region of Japan: Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka, and Nagano Prefectures

“Traveling in the Kingdom of Making Things” (in Japanese)

By A-Works Co., Ltd., Nagoya
Published: Shobunsha Publications, Inc., Tokyo
Price: 840 yen

Episodes in the origins of making things, experiments, museums, and gourmet that the Chubu region of Japan can be proud of are illustrated by maps.

“Industrial Tourism 100” (in Japanese)

by Japan Tourism Association, Japan Industrial Tourism Federation
By Kotsu Simbunsha, Tokyo
Price: 1,575yen

The past 10 years and prospective in industrial Tourism are discussed, and 100 industrial tourism spots are shown with pictures and maps